FIMO mix Quick

IDR 75,000.00
FIMO mix Quick 30 30
price for 1 pieces
dimension 9x5x1,5cm
Netto 100gr

function :
to mix with polymer clay so crafter can get texture more soft

suitable for crafter which id dont like polymer clay with middle texture

oven toaster bake
suitable for professional crafter


Harga untuk 1 kemasan
Dimensi 9x5x1,5cm
Netto 100gr

Fungsi :
Untuk dicampur dengan polymer clay yg mulai memadat agar tekstur bisa lebih lembut.

Saran melembutkan polymer clay
Bisa dibantu dgn roller khusus polymer clay/botol kaca (minimal), mesin pasta (profesional user)

Oven toaster bake
For profesional user